Monday, November 19, 2012

Austin is off to Korea!

Austin is off to Korea! 
Set up our Christmas tree

Said goodbye, gave grandparents hugs! 

Austin was able to open up his gift

I put Austins gift on layaway I was planning on picking it up on black Friday when I was going to go back in and do a price match. I then started to wonder if maybe the manager would give me the Black Friday price a week early so I could have Austin open it before he left. I took in his orders showing that he was in fact leaving the Monday before thanksgiving and the store manager told me he would!! So Austin was able to open his gift and take it with him.. 

When Chris was in the completion for golds gym one of the gifts was a X box, Austin has bought so many games but then when it was time for him to leave he had no X-Box we kept looking for a used one. but for $20 more we were able to buy a new one for him. When he gets to Korea he will have to purchase a TV but we have been told they have great prices there on TV's. 

Austin plane left at 6:05 in the morning so we were all at the airport at 4:00 it is so hard to walk away from your child. knowing it will be some time before we get to see him again. Parents with children going on a mission or in the military understand the many emotions that go through you..

as I am writing this I went to see where he is right now. His Status: In Flight - Estimated to Arrive 24 Minutes Early to San Francisco

He will have a 4 hour lay over then off to Korea He will arrive there Tomorrow at 4:00 pm =( .. He  will lose a day .. they are 16 hours a head of us

10:50 a.m.
San Francisco, CA (SFO ) 

4:15 p.m. +1 Day (crazy)
Seoul, Republic of South Korea (ICN - Incheon)

Travel Time:
12 hr 25 mn

Award Miles

Flight: UA893
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400

if you want to check on him during the next day go to
and check the status of 

United Flight 893

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

20 Questions to Ask Your Kids Each Year

1. What is your favorite color?

2. What is your favorite toy?

3. What is your favorite fruit?

4. What is your favorite TV show?

5. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch?

6. What is your favorite outfit?

7. What is your favorite game?

8. What is your favorite snack?

9. What is your favorite animal?

10. What is your favorite song? “

11. What is your favorite book?

12. Who is your best friend?)

13. What is your favorite sport?

14. What is your favorite thing to do outside?

15. What is your favorite drink?

16. What is your favorite holiday?

17. What do you like to take to bed with you at night?

18. What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

19. What do you want for dinner on your birthday?

20. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

PFC McLean ,Austin

After 4 weeks Austin was able to call home today, 30 minutes goes by so fast. I had the hardest time letting Chris and the boys talk to him, he sounds good and says thanks for all the letters The more Austin is gone the more he realizes how much family really does mean to him. for every letter he receives he has to do 25 pushup he said he LOVES it when they call #306 he runs up to the drill sergeant does 25 pushups then runs back to get into formation. Then they call him again and he does it all over. The most letters he received in one day was 11 that's 275 pushups!! He said he had a hard time keeping the grin off his face. I told him we could stop sending so many or try to send them in one envelope he said nope the pushups keeps me strong and I love to hear my name being called out so much. It did my heart good to hear his voice.

            It does make me sad when he said some of the guys don't get any mail. I am going to try to find out what number he is so we can send him some love too! Keep all the letters coming. It really helps him get through the week I have 30 days before I get to see him super excited!! for anyone that wants to write him his address is

 PFC McLean ,Austin
T B Co 3/47 IN Roster #306
 3210 Roush Drive
 Fort Benning, GA 31905

Private E-1 (no insignia)

Private E-2 or PRIVATE (PVT/PV2)
(Addressed as "Private") 
Lowest rank: a trainee who’s starting Basic Combat Training (BCT). Primary role is to carry out orders issued to them to the best of his/her ability. (PVT does not have an insignia


(Addressed as "Private") 
PV2s are promoted to this level after one year—or earlier by request of supervisor. Individual can begin BCT at this level with experience or prior military training. Carries out orders issued to them to the best of his/her .. 


Since Austin went through ROTC in High school he went into the Army as a PFC 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lost never to be found again!!

Monday, July 16, 2012


My dad is very sick and does not have a chance to get better unless he receives a kidney. The last year has been a very difficult one for our family. However we have had so many blessing at the same time.

My dad told us late last year that his kidneys were failing and that he had to lose some weight. He was put on list for a kidney donation. He was also told it was just a matter of time before he would have to go on dialysis. My dad expressed that he did not want any of us to be checked as a possible match.

Several things have changed in the last 9 months. Dad was diagnosed with Charcot foot and had to have foot surgery. He is in a lot of pain and has not been able to walk on his foot for several weeks.

On July 13 he had another Dr. appointment and his Dr. has convinced him that he needs to find a living kidney donor for his best chance. A living donation gives the patient a better chance a better match and it lessens the risk of rejection.

At this time He is asking anyone that would be willing to consider donating their kidney to pray about it, research what it all entails and then if you still want to help him to go get tested.

Dad is AB+ this means that he can get a kidney from someone with A, B and O blood types.

It is so hard to watch your parents get older and the health problems. It is one reason that Chris and I wanted to start living a healthier life style. I was obese and borderline diabetic. I hope I did not start too late to avoid some of the problems I could have had if I would have kept on the same unhealthy path I was on.

Please consider donation, It really does save lives.  (so does prayers My mom could use lots of them right now)


Some information I found on line

We are born with an extra kidney. Studies show that kidney donors live a normal, healthy life with only one kidney and were no more likely to suffer kidney failure. Go to:  “New England Journal of Medicine” about kidney donors’ health after their transplant. (An interesting fact to realize is 1 in every 750 people are born with one kidney and their life expectancy is the same as someone who is born with 2 kidneys.)

As a result of the new anti-rejection drugs, the “matching” of donor/recipient has become much easier. For situations where the donor/recipient are not compatible, “kidney paired exchange” programs allow these donors to be paired and matched with other incompatible pairs. To learn more about the matching process go to: For more information about kidney paired exchanges go to:

Organ donors need to be in good health, without high blood pressure, kidney, heart, liver or other major health issues. For more details on donor qualifications go to:

Donating a kidney involves a major surgical procedure, and the donor is usually in the hospital 1- 3 days. The recuperation period is anywhere from 14 - 21 days for those with an office job, and about 6 weeks if the individual’s work entails more physical labor. The majority of the procedures are done laparoscopically, with 3 - 4 small holes for the instruments. A small incision is made to remove the transplanted kidney. Medical expenses relating to the transplant are paid by the recipient’s insurance company

Monday, May 21, 2012

Chris's Journey

This fall, we held a nationwide search for six individuals who would chronicle their fitness quests in the Gold's Gym "Show Us Your Journey" event. Let's meet them!

In late November 2011, we started on a mission to find six people who were truly ready to start on a new life path—one that would transform their bodies and lives. To help, we promised to hook them up with all the tools they could need: a free one-year membership at their local Gold's Gym, a personal trainer to help them design workouts tailor-made for their body types, customized tips and advice from Gold's Gym Fitness Institute experts, a 12-week supply of MET-Rx and a Kinect for Xbox 360 bundle for at-home workouts. Well, we found them!

Our finalists come from all walks of life, but they have one thing in common: They're ready to take as many runs, reps and healthy steps as it takes to finish their fitness journey. You can follow along with them at and read about their ups and downs as they work their way to a better tomorrow.

Now, let the journeys begin—and to the finalists we say, "Don't stop believing!"


Clearfield, Utah

Starting Weight: 325 pounds

Goal Weight: 180 pounds

His motivation: I turned 40 this year and also reached the highest weight I have ever been in my life. I have four children and three grandchildren, and I want to be around for them as long as I can. My oldest boy just joined the Army and will leave for boot camp in July. He challenged me to join Gold's Gym with him, and I want to accept the challenge, lose the weight and get fit. I want him to be as proud to call me his father as I am to call him a U.S. soldier.

His biggest hurdle: This past year I came to the realization that I am a food addict. I love food, not just a little, but a lot. My grandmother and my mother were both obese. When I was growing up, my family didn't have a lot of money, so when a good meal came around we indulged. As an adult I find myself eating excessively—as if I don't know when I'll see my next meal. Afterward, I hate myself for it because there is no reason to be stuffing myself like that.

His first steps: I love my family, but it's time for me to love me. I have tried to lose weight many times before, but have never committed to changing my habits. Many may ask why I think this time is different. Well, it's amazing how your thought process changes at 40. I realize that I need professional help with my physical activity and nutritional decisions. I want to remove as many stumbling blocks as possible as I begin this journey to a new and healthier lifestyle.

His greatest hope: In the past, I've done really well for two to three weeks, then life happened—birthday parties, family gatherings, holidays—and I fell back into the same bad habits. With a trainer's help, I believe I can stay motivated, plus I have so many reasons to stay on track: my wonderful wife, our four children and my three beautiful grandchildren. I am so excited to learn how to change my life forever!

Introducing “Show Us Your Journey” from Gold’s Gym

we’re excited to announce the launch of “Show Us Your Journey.”  Whether it’s shaping up for a sport, losing weight, or overcoming a physical challenge, Gold’s Gym recognizes that it’s not just about the “before” and “after” photos when it comes to a fitness transformation – it’s about the journey, the hard work and the sacrifice that it takes to get from one photo to the other.

Starting Wednesday, February 1st, six candidates selected from across the country will chronicle their fitness journeys through blog post updates, videos and images for a chance to potentially be featured in our Stronger Than ad campaign.  Join us here as the program kicks off to learn more about the candidates and follow their progress!  
Jan 27, 2012 


New Year’s Fitness Survival Guide

The vow to eat right and exercise is one of the most popular—if not the most popular—of all New Year’s resolutions, which is why we rounded up these gym-going pointers from the experts to help you navigate the gym.
1. Do your best to familiarize yourself with the gym’s rules and regulations. Each gym has its own set of do’s and don’ts about time spent on equipment during peak hours, how to return towels and more.
2. Learn basic gym etiquette: Learn to workout with people who are using the same machines or benches, re-rack your weights after using them, wipe off any sweat from a bench or machine, and don’t talk on your cellphone while people are working out around you.
3. Get the lay of the land. Most gyms offer a free fitness consultation with a personal trainer for new members – be sure to get a tour of the facilities and ask questions about unfamiliar machines, proper form and specific exercises.
4.  Prepping your body for the burn.  Never hit the gym without proper nutrition. Not only will you not get the workout you want, but you may cause serious risk to your health. 
5. Make sure you have the right gear.  Wear supportive running shoes or a cross-trainer shoe. You’ll also need breathable and comfortable clothing such as shorts and short-sleeve shirts; women also need a supportive sports bra.
6.  Take ample time to warm up your muscles. Take an easy ride on a stationary bike or a leisurely walk on a treadmill for 10 minutes to get your body stretched, loose and ready to work. 
Jan 27, 2012

This almost hour-by-waking-hour guide will help you power through your killer schedule and may even help you sleep better when you finally get the chance.

8 a.m. – Do breakfast right
Six ounces of Greek yogurt and mix in a cup of fruit and a few tablespoons of granola for a light meal that’s rich in protein and healthy fats.

10 a.m. – Fill your water bottle
Staying hydrated fends off sluggishness by moving nutrients through the body.

11 a.m. – Check in with a friend
Mentally changing focus at least once a day fights brain fatigue.

Noon – Select smart carbs
Try a dose of energizing complex carbs, perhaps some turkey and light Swiss cheese on whole-wheat bread, plus a few apple slices.

2 p.m. – Let the sunshine in
Take 10 minutes to soak up some rays for a natural wake-up call. Even cloud-filtered light can stave off sleepiness.

4 p.m. – Pat yourself on the back
Before quitting time at work make a quick list of the day’s accomplishments—even “I got to work on time!” counts.

6 p.m. – Dodge the couch
Take 20 minutes (or more) to jog around the block, do some quick strengh-training, or yoga now. Exercise can actually help you sleep well which is the key to starting the next day with power to spare.
Jan 27, 2012

My journey started January 1, 2012 along with some of you; we decided to take on new habits to better our health and our lives. So many people don’t make it the first two weeks of the year, yet alone a whole month. So I want to congratulate each of you for your dedication and hard work to get to this point. Keep up the good work.

Along with eating right Austin and I joined the new Gold’s Gym in Syracuse to support my efforts in a new me. That night I was going through their website and ran across this contest that they were having, called “Show Us Your Journey”. They were looking for six motivated individuals to participate in this contest, Three Males and Three Females throughout the United States. The contest would run for 12 weeks, you would receive one year paid membership, a personal trainer for 12 weeks, and some products from their sponsors Xbox and RX Med to assist in getting fit. I figured, what do I have to lose, I never win anything and the worst case scenario would be that I was in the same place as I was when I started. So I filled out the info they needed, sent some pictures (not my best moment) sent in a short essay about why I wanted to participate. Then I totally forgot about it.

On January 17th I received a call from an odd number; any one who knows me well enough knows that I am not answering it, so I let it go to voicemail. Always figured if it was that important, the caller will leave a message. A couple hour had passed I realized to my surprise someone had actually left a message. Come to find out it was the company running the contest for Gold’s Gym and they were calling to let me know that I was one of ten entries that was being considered for a spot in the contest and that they would narrow it down to the final three males by the end of the week. Excited doesn’t begin to explain how I was feeling at the moment. I know, I know, I really am more than just grumpy.

The very next day that phone number popped up again and I didn’t once hesitate to answer it. They called to let me know that I was one of the three selected to participate in the “Show us your Journey” contest. You thought I was excited the day before, this once in a lifetime opportunity for me; my excitement skyrocketed to a whole different level, unexplored territory.

Beginning February 1st, a new chapter of my journey begins… you can follow my Journey as I post my required blogs on Wednesday’s and Friday’s I will post links to Facebook as they become available. I wish everyone could have this opportunity, but it’s mine…mine, mine, mine.

Good luck to everyone on your path to success in 2012!

By Chris

By Chris L
Today the numbers came to life and this picture is not something I am proud of, but this big guy is out of here. Somewhere deep inside is a strong and dedicated guy that I will show you in about 12 weeks.
Show us your Journey Challenge 2/14/12 Official Starting Stats:
Starting weight: 304.2 lbs
Waist: 50”
% Body Fat:35.54
BMI: 41.23
The hardest part about these numbers is simply making them public for everyone to see, they are embarrassing to see that I let them get this far out of hand.
But thanks to Gold’s Gym, Kinect by Xbox and MetRx my life is about to change.
This is me and my trainer Jenny courtesy of Gold’s Gym:
She is a tough one for sure. My first thoughts was the story of “David and Goliath” and we all know what happened to that giant. Our first training day was last Thursday. I was so nervous that I forgot to eat something, well lets just say after 40 minutes I dropped like a rock. I was so sure I was leaving in a ambulance. Jenny came to my rescue got my levels up and we completed day one. Oh yeah!
Training Day 2
What’s the worst that could happen? 
Tip #1: Eat a complex carb within 1 hour of waking up and before any intense workouts. I ate about 9 almonds and heated up some rolled oats with a little extra water in them to drink on my way to Gold’s Gym in Syracuse, Utah. 
Starting with some morning cardio get the heart rate up and the blood moving…
Next came some circuit training…
We all have to start some where and I am on my way to healthier and stronger lifestyle. This journey is going to be awesome.
February 15, 2012
OK, so you’ve started your program but need a little extra help staying motivated? Here’s a few tips:
Get an exercise buddy. They will help keep you motivated-and so will the guilt of standing them up.
;Make a bet with a friend or enemy. Placing a money wager that you will hit your goal by a certain date makes every workout count. It also puts your honor on the line!
Tell everyone you know about your fitness goals. That way, you will have that many more people to answer to.
Buy yourself new exercise clothes, sneakers or a workout bag. Not wanting new and/or expensive equipment to go to waste will make you more apt to get off the couch and use it.
;Join a gym that you pass by nearly every day-perhaps on the road between your home and work. Seeing it regularly will eventually draw you in there to train.
Get on a professionally-designed, long-term program. The sooner you start seeing results, the more you’ll want to keep training to continue them. Aimlessly hopping from workout to workout-or even worse, from machine to machine-will only waste your time.
Join an exercise class. The camaraderie you develop with your classmates should be enough to keep you coming back.
Keep a workout log. Recording your progress from session to session (or lack thereof) will show you what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. There’s also a great feeling of satisfaction that comes from watching the amount of poundage you use grow with each passing week.
Buy an iPod or portable CD player that you can take to the gym. Associating your workouts with fun music or escapism will make you not want to miss them.
ut a picture of your family or loved ones in your gym bag. It will remind you who you want to be healthy for.

I just wanted to share a little about the Xbox Kinect that was given as a tool for our journey. The is the most interactive game i have ever played. It gets you active and it makes it fun, not only for me but my whole family.  The stronger I become on my journey the more fun that I am having.

By Nikki Kimbrough
One of the most important parts of a fitness routine is to always make sure you keep things fresh.  So, to practice what I preach, I wanted to post this week’s trainer tip on Thursday instead of Tuesday. ;)
With another week underway, our contestants are hard at work with their new fitness and nutrition routines as provided to them by their trainer.  While a trainer can be a great asset to a fitness plan, you can certainly work your way around the gym on your own as well.  If you’re just starting out at the gym, like our Show Us Your Journey participants, check out the below for a quick tutorial on learning your way around the gym.
-          The treadmill is the easiest and most natural machine for beginners
-          Beyond ease-of-use, the treadmill is designed to provide a low-impact workout that can help to reduce injuries associated with walking and running outdoors
-          Mixing walking and running on the treadmill is a great way to get tour heart rate up while priming your body for distance and speed
-          Elliptical machines are a great alternative to the treadmill to start on a low-impact cardiovascular workout and works the upper and lower body simultaneously
-          ‘Low-impact’ means practically NO risk of injuring the back, knees, ankles, or other joints during a workout on an elliptical unit, so if you’re at high risk of such injuries, this may be the perfect machine for you to train on
the Recumbent Bike:
-          This machine is perfect for people who are looking to burn fat and calories, and improve their aerobic fitness while taking a break from traditional cardio workouts
-          Recumbent bikes are easy on the lower back (lumbar spine) and encourages better spinal posture while working out
-          Recumbent bikes also allow you to add upper body weights to your routine if you want to increase your exercise level
-          Steppers are a great way to increase your aerobic capacity to make daily physical activities easier to accomplish
-          Steppers are also great for calorie-burning benefits and can lead to leaner and more toned muscles, since the glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves and hips are all worked
 -          The Rowing machine is a frequently under-used machine in the gym. These machines are a full body workout and work a large group of muscles every time you use it
-          Rowing machines work the thighs, hips, torso, forearms, triceps and shoulders while also placing a significant amount of resistance on the upper body muscles
-          Another great benefit of the rowing machine is that it helps to strengthen the core (abdominal muscles)
Happy working out everyone!

It is amazing how much I really don’t know about health and fitness. My journey this week was very successful as I learned some new exercises and did a few classics. The best part is that I can see and feel the changes happening.
My trainer gave me a goal to lose at least 3 lbs this week. Not only did I meet my goal but actually lost 4 lbs.
Starting Weight as of 2/14/2012 was 304.2 lbs.
Week 1 Ending 2/21/2012 my weight was 300.2
I still have a long road ahead but I don’t think I have ever felt so good about myself as I do at this moment.


Captain’s Chair…ouch! Not my favorite. But effective! Then I got to run more, down to the other end of the gym where I got to do the Captain’s chair again. We did that ten times. It’s for sure a hate/love relationship.


02/22/ 2012

It is amazing how much I really don’t know about health and fitness. My journey this week was very successful as I learned some new exercises and did a few classics. The best part is that I can see and feel the changes happening.

My trainer gave me a goal to lose at least 3 lbs this week. Not only did I meet my goal but actually lost 4 lbs.

Starting Weight as of 2/14/2012 was 304.2 lbs.

Week 1 Ending 2/21/2012 my weight was 300.2

I still have a long road ahead but I don’t think I have ever felt so good about myself as I do at this moment.


Push It

Hit an all time personal best last week! I completed a mile in 11:57 and completed 4.5 miles in 60 minutes. Then wrapped up the workout with 20 minutes of upper body strength training.
We also had a birthday dinner for my sister. This a stumbling block for me. Always too much good tasting food. I just have to remember to focus on the plan. Small portions and eat all the veggies.
Have a great day everyone!


Wednesday Weigh In - Week 3

This week was a little stressful for me at work and three birthdays in the same week doesn’t help, but I still showed a loss and dropped to under 300 hundred pounds!
Current Weight: 299 lbs
Week 2 Weight: 300.2 lbs
Starting Week: 304.2 lbs
Sometimes the scale isn’t always your friend, but although I only lost one pound this week I think that my body is just in the process of swapping fat for muscle. I can feel it in my clothes and in my muscles.  I know that my training is working but it is always nice to see it also.
I have been really good with my diet and my trainer has given me a few suggestion to mix it up a bit, so this week I am going to put those in place and we will just have to hit it harder for next week.
This is the point where I feel like throwing it in like I have before, but that is not going to happen. This time I am going to let this bad week go and move forward with my training and try not to let it get to me.
Hope you all have a great week.

 By Tracey Mallett

One of the biggest challenges I hear from people starting a new fitness regimen is the struggle of finding the time to balance exercising with work and family life.  Just like our Show Us Your Journey participants are learning how to find time to incorporate exercise and fitness into their daily routine, you too can find the right balance for your lifestyle – sometimes all it takes is a little bit of patience and some encouragement to take a step in the right direction.  To help you get started, I’ve put together some tips below on how you can start to effectively balance fitness, family and work to help you make the most out of your day!

1. Find a family activity that you can all enjoy together that promotes not only movement but also interaction with each other as a family. Try playing soccer, basketball, golf or tennis. Working as a team promotes good communication and releases stress from the pressures of school and work.
2. Get a big calendar board highlighting work; family, school and activities with different colors are the prefect tool to aid balance. By doing this will help to identify if within your daily schedule you dedicate enough time together as a family and being active.
3. Be realistic with your goals, try to delegate or divide work to accomplish your tasks. Prioritize what the most important task is and learn to let go for a short period of time to be with your family.
4. Lose the guilt of having fun with your family, look at this as your reward from working so hard in your workplace. Remind yourself this is the reason why you work so hard.
5. Live each day as if it’s your last!!
Tracey Mallett is a member of the Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute as well as a Lifestyle and Fitness guru on The Style Network and Exercise TV.

This week Jenny my trainer started me on another piece of equipment that I have never seen. TRX Suspension Training. At first look I thought this doesn’t look so hard…yeah well it is intense for sure. Watch the video and see for yourself.
Jenny makes it look so easy, but these exercise uses your body weight and it makes it more difficult when your hauling around 300 lbs.
This is going to be a good week. 

by  Tracey Mallet
Looking for some fun ways to stay in shape when you can’t be at the gym?  Check out some of these fun ways to stay active both indoors and out!
1.     Get a friend to exercise with you – commit to a few short power walks or runs a week so that you are being more active and get to catch up on life!
2.     Play sports with your kids – it’s a great way to burn extra calories and promoting the movement of the body is healthy for the whole family
3.     Set mini competitions for yourself; for example, see how many times you can walk up and down the stairs in one minute, five times a day
4.     Dance to your music while cooking dinner but don’t go too wild in the kitchen!
5.     Get on your Kinect for XBOX 360 or dance with your family – short blasts of exercise really get your heart rate up!
6.     If you’re fortunate to have some kind of exercise machine such as a treadmill or bike at home, park it in front of the TV and catch up on your favorite TV shows or movies
7.     Hiking is one of the best ways to get some cardio into your weekly workout calendar, as it’s a social event with your family or friends and a fabulous lower body workout!
Tracey Mallett is a member of the Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute as well as a Lifestyle and Fitness guru on The Style Network and Exercise TV.

As I complete my third full week of my Journey, I have come to realize that sometimes you do hit plateau’s in your weight loss journey, but you can’t let the physical number hold you back mentally, You have to make the necessary adjustments to break through those plateau’s and continue to move forward.
This week I can officially say that I did just that, I changed my Dairy Milk to Almond Milk and stopped eating fruit after 4pm. I also adjusted my calorie intake to 1700 calories per day. My trainer also switched things up with my workouts with TRX Suspension Training and increased my cardio intensity.
Weight loss can sometimes be a mental rollercoaster, but after the last three weeks I have learned if something is not working then your body may have become too comfortable and it’s time to mess it up.
This week I am on a fitness rush. I am feeling good about being able to push myself harder each week. My workout has been intense, I still struggle with long intervals of running/Jogging but I am improving every day step by step. My muscles are becoming stronger and my core is starting to stabilize. I was able to complete lunges today without stumbling or the need to use a wall to assist in my balance.
This week’s Weigh In results:
Weekly Loss
Total Loss
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Starting Measurements
Current Measurements
This week I am starting my supplements from MetRx, these should increase my energy and endurance levels so I can increase my workout levels.
Next week goals:
Increase my 5 minute run from 5.5 to 6.0 mph.
Lose at least 4 lbs to drop out of the 290’s and into the 280’s
Increase speed of exercise while still maintaining correct execution.
Nothing feels better than a massage after a long hard workout, I love these chairs.
Trust me I earned it. Have a great week.

I am starting to realize with every high weight loss week it is followed by a low weight loss week. It seems as if a pattern is developing which is ok by me because a loss is still a loss. The best part is that I am feeling amazing and stronger every day.  Everyone says that I am looking so much better and that encourages me to continue working harder on my journey.
This week the weight was not great but the inches are falling off. This just confirms that I am losing fat and gaining muscle which is really positive.
Starting Weight: 304.2
Week 4 Weight: 294.0
Total Weight Loss: 10.2 lbs
I had a meeting in December that I had to dress up for and had a heck of a time finding any of my shirts that I could actually button the top button on and wear a tie.
Well this week, I had another meeting and I was so excited that I was able to fit in to a shirt and button the top button that I have not been able to wear since 2008.
This was a great week and very positive.  I am so looking forward to my next training session Thursday.
Hope everyone has a great week.
Recovery &  Stretching
by Chris L     
     This week we received our supplements from Met-Rx®. I am sure many of you might think that those big giant bottles of protein are just for the body builders and are only used for generating massive muscles. 
     I’ve come to find out that protein supplements help in many different ways. I have a pre-workout formula - MET-Rx® Protein Revolution - which increases energy, strength, power and recovery during intense workouts. It has a good flavor and is really easy to drink before my workout.
     After my workout I have a post workout shake - MET-Rx® Ultramyosyn® Whey Isolate. This helps with lean muscle and exercise recovery.
Two things I have learned on my Journey:
Recovery – you must supply your body with the proper nutrients that will help your muscles become lean and help develop your body so you can challenge yourself each workout.
Stretching – A stretching routine after workouts will help increase your flexibility and range of motion.  Most important to me is that it also eliminates the lactic acid that builds up and contributes to sore muscles.  
     Sore muscles are usually a sore subject (no pun intended!) when you first start on a new fitness journey. I have found out that with proper recovery of your muscles and taking the time to stretch you can reduce the discomfort that we all dread. The aches and pains sometimes prevent us from wanting to go back to the gym, but that is exactly what you should do. The sooner you get back to Gold’s Gym the better you will feel.
Thanks MetRx® for your support in our Journey.

Deal Me IN for Fitness Friday!

This week my trainer decided to come up with something “FUN” for our training session on Thursday. Training Session = Fun? She pulled out a deck of cards, hmm what could possibly go wrong (my famous last words). I’m game let’s play.
Here is how it went down:
Each Suit represented a different exercise:

(Art work by Jen)
Then the reps that we had to do of each exercise was represented by the numerical value of the card that was flipped over with Jacks=11, Queens=12, Kings=13 and Aces=15. This was one game where you wanted low cards, because trust me back to back hearts in the upper range became very hard by the second set.
By the time we made it through the deck of cards we had performed each exercise 105 Times.
But that’s not all. What would a card game be without the JOKER…

That’s right each Joker gave me TWO minutes of step ups.
& lt. This wasn’t as fun on my side as it was for my trainer but it was a really good work out. Well that’s if for this week. Have a great weekend.


Wednesday Weigh In - End of Week 5

     This week has been very exciting for me. I had to dig out my clothes reserve to find some that fit. It sure was a good thing I never gave up on those smaller sizes. When I started my Journey I was wearing a size 48 pant and a 3X Shirt, after 5 weeks I am down to a size 44 pant and back in  a 2X Shirt. The best part about this it that they are still loose.
     As my workouts progress I feel stronger and more confident about the exercises that we are doing. I am physically and mentally challenging myself to push forward with each exercise.  When you feel and see the differences in your body and life it really does create a mental level of encouragement and strength.
This week’s workout with my trainer Jen was once again very challenging. Here is a recap:
Three Sets
3 min Run/Jog 5.5
3 min Steep Incline 5.0-10.0 Lunges
15 Push Ups
1 min Hand Crawl on the Treadmill
15 Squats with a Medicine Ball
1 min Leg Presses
1 min Ab Crunches w/Medicine Ball
1 min Seated Leg Curls
1 min Ab Crunches Side to Side w/Medicine Ball
1 min Leg Extentions
1 min Plank Stretch w/Medicine Ball
With Warm up and Stretching this little routine eats up an hour quickly.
This week’s weigh in results:
Starting Weight: 304.2
Current Weight: 291.0
Current Weeks Loss: 3 lbs
Total Loss: 13.2 lbs
The only way to get over that mountain, is one little hill at a time. Once you commit you can do anything.
Have a great week.


My progress is coming right along. Trying to find the right nutritional combinations for me has been somewhat of a roller coaster still. The body is a very complex system and if I thing is out of whack then it seems to go in to a domino effect.
This be thing I can say about this it to make sure that you are always shuffling your routines and nutrition until you find something that works for you.

By Robert Reames
When starting a new fitness plan, it’s always important to remember the roles that BOTH nutrition and exercise play in helping you reach your goals.  In this two-part series, I’ll be sharing some basic nutritional knowledge to help you craft a fitness plan that’s right for you.
Hunger Suppressors vs. Hunger Drivers   
-          Always look for a meal structure that keeps you fuller longer opposed to meals that make you exhausted and hungry one hour later (ex: bowl of pasta or rice or carbs)

-     Look for meals that balance blood sugar
Hunger Suppressor

Hunger Driver

Dessert Hunger Suppressors
Super Food Parfait
o   Greek Yogurt
o   Honey
o   Raspberries
o   Chopped pecans
o   Bananas
Dark chocolate: The bittersweet taste of the pure dark chocolate will give you a very satisfied feeling (Eaten in moderation 1-2 times per week)
The Basics of Hunger Hormones
   Functions of Ghrelin, Leptin and Insulin
o   Ghrelin—hormone that tells your body you are hungry
o   Leptin—hormone that tells your body you are full
o   Insulin—fat storage hormone

Robert Reames is a member of the Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute as well the head trainer/nutritionist on “The Dr. Phil Show.”

For those that do not know this is about the time that Chris's trainer up and abandoned him .. he went 3 weeks with no help and no trainer!! I think Chris did such an amazing job but I think he would have had such better results if he would have had someone that wanted it as bad as he did... When chris said something and they finally sent someone he came once and then Chris was again on his own for another 1 1/2 weeks. Then John stepped in for the remaining time with no knowledge of what was going on what he had done up until this point or what show us your journey even was...  I am grateful Chris had the opportunity. I would be lying if I did not tell you that it really upset me how they just abandoned him. 

This has been an eye opening week for me. For many years I have lived a carefree unhealthy lifestyle. I ate when and how much I wanted and felt that exercise was just not for me. I began this journey with knowing that this type of lifestyle was steering me right into serious health issues.
This week my worst fears came true, not directly towards me, but with my brother in law. He suffered a heart attack while camping. He didn’t even realize that he was having one, he just wasn’t feeling well. He finally went to the doctor three days later. After a battery of tests, they confirmed he indeed had a heart attack and found out that his arteries were damaged and he needed surgery. He is now scheduled for a triple bypass next week. He is only 44.
As Americans we feast on our abundance of food without giving it a second thought. In many cases we have had to learn the hard way that our reckless lifestyles have serious consequences in the end.
Anyone who reads this seriously needs to look around and realize that you mean the world to so many people.  The choices you make today really affect the ones you love and care about. I would encourage anyone who isn’t living a healthy and active lifestyle to make a change today it is never too late.
It really hit home that this could have been me. I was already motivated this year to get healthy, but this has reinforced my motivation to continue my journey not for 12 weeks but for the rest of my life. 
Have a great weekend get out of the house and enjoy it!


Wednesday Weigh In - End of Week 6

     Wow half way through with the “Show us Your Journey” Challenge and I can’t believe how far I have come since the first week. On week one I about passed out and never thought that I would really make it this far. After six weeks of training I have no doubt that I am going to see my journey until the end.  I am feeling stronger every day and I have even impressed myself when I realize that I can do things that I haven’t been able to before my journey began.
     If I could go back to the beginning when I had so many doubts about my actual abilities, I would tell myself that it’s going to be so worth the work you put in when you see the results. Stay Strong and Work Hard.
This week was a really positive week I am down another 3lbs. YAY
Starting Weight: 304.2
Week 1: 300.2 -4.0 lbs
Week 2: 299.8 -0.40 lbs.
Week 3: 296.0 -3.8 lbs
Week 4: 294.0 -2.0 lbs
Week 5: 291.0 -3.0 lbs
Week 6: 287.9 -3.1 lbs Current Weight
Total Weight Loss: 16.30 lbs.

 Weight loss isn’t fast at all but it is consistent and as long as you want it you will make your goals. With six weeks left to go there is a lot work to be done, it’s time to step it up. This new life style is awesome and I really enjoy the changes I have made and I am looking forward to many more.
Have a great week everyone!

Tip from the Trainer Thursday: Nutrition 101 (Part Two)
By Robert Reames
This week, let’s take a look at the ideal meal structure to get the most out of your food and why cheat meals can be a good thing!
Meal Structure
Optimum meal structure for metabolic success:
-          “The Perfect Meal”: Contains lean proteins, high fiber starches and a generous portion of non-starchy vegetables
-          Examples:
-          Chicken, Quinoa and Asparagus
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-          Salmon, Broccoli and Brown Rice
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 Optimum food choice categories:
-          Protein choice at every major meal
-          Unlimited non-starchy veggies (free foods)
-          High fiber starch choices
-          High fiber fruit choices
-          Nuts and seeds
-          Optimum fats (fats that make you lean)
-          Ultimate goal:  Balance blood sugar, maximize awareness and energy;  BURN FAT and function at peak levels!
Cheat Meals
-          A cheat meal is designed to prevent binging – it’s a pre-scheduled meal where you can have something you are craving so that you can stick to your nutritional plan for another week
-          Cheat meals should be higher fat, higher starch meals that you want to include in your diet at least once per week
-          These cheat meals will regulate your hunger hormones
-          Examples:
-          Pasta with meatballs
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-          Sushi
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-          Brown Rice
Robert Reames is a member of the Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute as well the head trainer/nutritionist on “The Dr. Phil Show.”
It has been really good week so far. All of my clothes keep getting looser every day, have I bought new clothes? Nope not yet , Really can’t see spending money on clothes that just won’t fit in two weeks.  So I just keep cinching the belt, my starting belt didn’t have any more hole in it so I sent to the thrift store, my current belt I am in to it 3 notches with 2 left to go. Then I might have to buy….another belt. LOL
My body and eating transformations are so encouraging to me. Just to know that what I am doing is really making the difference in my life. I am finding new foods that I really never thought I would ever in a million years try to eat, but have found that many of them, if cooked and seasoned right, actually taste really good. We have been trying new things like fish and different whole grains. The biggest challenge is not to get bored with your food. When we try to eat healthy, you can find yourself thinking “not this again” and that is when you fall and revert back to your old ways. Keeping meals fresh and new is a great way to keeping you on track to make your weight and fitness goals.
Starting Weight: 304.2
Week 1: 300.2 -4.0 lbs
Week 2: 299.8 -0.40 lbs.
Week 3: 296.0 -3.8 lbs
Week 4: 294.0 -2.0 lbs
Week 5: 291.0 -3.0 lbs
Week 6: 287.9 -3.1 lbs 
Week 7 286.0 -1.9 lbs Current Weight
Total Weight Loss: -18.20 lbs.
Just for the record the Guns -n- Roses T-Shirt is brand new bought it when they came through Salt Lake City. I couldn’t wear it then but I sure can wear it now.
Have a great week everyone.

This week was a challenge for me because my trainer Jen came down with the flu and was unable to make our scheduled workouts.  This is one of those stumbling blocks that try to divert you off your path, but with sore knees I hopped over that block and continued on my way to the gym. With six weeks of training certainly I could continue workouts without a trainer.
I recalled many of the workouts that we did, so I simply repeated those workouts in hopes to make my time in the gym beneficial.  It really is interesting how much a trainer influences and manipulates your workouts. Even though I went through many of the exercises I realized that they were just not at the same as when my trainer is there to push me to that next level.
The reality of it all is that eventually I will not have a trainer there and I have got to learn to be accountable for my own training. I have to set goals that challenge me each and every workout that I do and remember that when I shorten my workouts, because no one is there for me to answer to, then I am only deceiving myself to believe it is ok to do so.
 Personal trainers are very helpful. They have the experience and knowledge to motivate, plan and support you in your journey. They can evaluate your performance and adjust it as needed.  
This is my new healthy lifestyle and to maintain it even after my trainer has taught me all she can, it will ultimately be up to me to push myself to accomplish my personal goals.
Lucky for me we are not done yet, hopefully we will be back on track next week.
Get well Jen.
Have a great weekend everyone and thank you for all the support.


Wednesday Weigh In - End of Week 8

It’s unbelievable how many things have changed in just the last eight weeks. I have created new workout habits and have been able to adapt them to everyday life. I didn’t think it would be possible with work, school, kids, soccer games and many other events that life throws my way.  But I have made it a priority and have stuck with it. I can sure tell when I have missed a day.
My meals are the same way after 8 weeks eating right seems to come natural. I am more heath conscious when I am making my food selections each day. Healthy foods and my supplements from MetRx has increase my energy to my daily activity at gym and with everyday tasks.
 My regional manager visited my store yesterday and it took him a second to realize something was different. It’s been awhile since he had been by, but he was like have you lost weight? That’s my cue to fill em in on my journey. He was astonished by my progress and said that I looked more energized and upbeat. This recognition is what it is all about.
Starting Weight: 304.2
Week 1: 300.2 -4.0 lbs
Week 2: 299.8 -0.40 lbs.
Week 3: 296.0 -3.8 lbs
Week 4: 294.0 -2.0 lbs
Week 5: 291.0 -3.0 lbs
Week 6: 287.9 -3.1 lbs 
Week 7 286.0 -1.9 lbs 
Week 8 284.0 -2.0 lbs Current Weight
Total Weight Loss: -20.20 lbs.

Measurements (Beginning-Current-Loss)
Waist 50 in. - 45.5 in. = -4.5 in.
Hips 54 in. - 49 in. = -6 in.
Thigh 26 in. - 25 in. = -1 in.
% Body Fat 31% -24.8% = -6.0%
This just proves that small changes can equal big results. I would encourage everyone to get out and walk 30 minutes a day and just see how it makes you feel.
Have a great week everyone.


I am back on track with training this week. Jen wasn’t able to return so Jon will be filling in for a bit. It’s exactly what I was missing is a high intensity workout. With just a few weeks remaining it is crucial to make each workout count.


Wednesday Weigh In - End of Week 10 To succeed at any thing, especially weight loss and fitness, you really need to evaluate where you are, where you have been and where you want to be.

This challenge focuses on fitness and getting active in our lives. I went from not being active at all to shifting my life style to daily activity. I really see the changes that have been taking place and I am excited to continue on my journey to accomplish the person I haven’t seen in years. But activity isn’t the only change that had to be made.

My diet required a full overhaul also. Before starting my journey I would eat out often and many items my food choices were deep fried foods and very large portions. Now I am not eating out nearly as often and when I do I make the healthiest choices that I can. I have increased my vegetable and fruit intake and lean proteins. Three small meals a day with two small snacks in between fill my day with good nutrition. I think that my favorite snack is vanilla greek yogurt with strawberries with a dab of honey topped with some almonds. Yum.

It must be working because each week it shows in my results. This week two Gold’s Gym members came up to me to congratulate me on my progress since I had joined the gym back in January. It really boosted my motivation as I head into the last two weeks of the Show us your Journey challenge. I am set up to hit it hard the next two weeks to maximize my final numbers. Either way the challenge may go I feel healthier and stronger than ever.
Starting Weight: 304.2
Week 1: 300.2 -4.0 lbs
Week 2: 299.8 -0.40 lbs.
Week 3: 296.0 -3.8 lbs
Week 4: 294.0 -2.0 lbs
Week 5: 291.0 -3.0 lbs
Week 6: 287.9 -3.1 lbs
Week 7 286.0 -1.9 lbs
Week 8 284.0 -2.0 lbs
Week 9 279.0 -5.0 lbs
Week 10 277.0 -2.0 lbs Current Weight
Total Weight Loss: -27.20 lbs.


Wednesday Weigh In - End of Week 9

So far this journey has provided me with the knowledge that I need to succeed. But it is not about what I’ve learned, it’s about what I do with this knowledge next!
The last few weeks I have been able test how well I can use my knowledge in to my workouts. As I progress in my workouts I can Identify myself when I need to adjust my habit to insure my long term goals.
With my family and friends as my main support group I know that no matter what comes my way I know that all of my goals will not only be meet but also maintained.
This week was another great week for me.
Starting Weight: 304.2
Week 1: 300.2 -4.0 lbs
Week 2: 299.8 -0.40 lbs.
Week 3: 296.0 -3.8 lbs
Week 4: 294.0 -2.0 lbs
Week 5: 291.0 -3.0 lbs
Week 6: 287.9 -3.1 lbs 
Week 7 286.0 -1.9 lbs 
Week 8 284.0 -2.0 lbs 
Week 9 279.0 -5.0 lbsCurrent Weight
Total Weight Loss: -25.20 lbs.

Just because you spend the majority of your time at a desk doesn’t mean that you are chained to it. Why not take advantage of your breaks? It is a fact that you will burn more calories standing than sitting.

Every chance I get I try to stay off the chair and keep moving. This week I took a swiss ball to work with me to give me some options to just sitting around all day. A few simple exercise will burn calories and relieve stress during your work day. 

This is just one of the many things that I have implemented in my regular daily routine and that is to take advantage to be active every chance I get.

Just Move.


Wednesday Weigh In - End of Week 11

     This is it one week left of the Gold’s Gym “Show us your Journey” Challenge. For this last week I am increasing my cardio workouts this week to maximize  my calorie burn. 
     I never thought I could get to this point in my journey, so many others have given up on their own goals, but I am so determined to hit my ultimate weight goal. I knew that my goal would not be completed at the end of 12 weeks, but I have put a big dent in to it.
     It really made it easier with the support of Gold’s Gym, the personal trainers and the staff at my local Gold’s Gym in Syracuse, Utah. I am in a routine that I feel will keep me on track and make it possible for me to reach my long term goals.
Starting Weight: 304.2
Week 11 272.0  -5.0 lbs Current Weight
Total Weight Loss: -32.2 lbs.
     This has been such a great opportunity and I am so grateful that I was given this chance to  improve my life. 
Check back next week for the final numbers.
Have a great week everyone!



What Do You Mean? It’s Over?

     It’s true the Gold’s Gym “Show us Your Journey” challenge is coming to an end.  The last twelve weeks flew by so fast. It has truly been such a life changing experience.
     Twelve weeks ago I started this journey to see if I could accomplish a simple goal and that was to see myself through 12 weeks of change. I documented all of my activities, controlled and adjusted my diet to meet my nutritional needs and most importantly I became active again. 
     Most of my life I taught myself that I could talk myself out of anything, but never thought I could talk myself into trying the unknown. I structured my day by planning to hit the gym first thing in the morning so I could take care of that business and carry on. Before I knew it getting up every morning became second nature to me and knowing that my body was ready to go each day made it even easier not to talk myself out of going.
     Don’t get me wrong I had my ups and downs over the twelve week program, but I knew that I was being held accountable and needed to make my workouts a priority to produce positive results. Every week I had to beat my previous progress and did just that.
Starting Weight: 304.2
Week 1: 300.2 -4.0 lbs
Week 2: 299.8 -0.40 lbs.
Week 3: 296.0 -3.8 lbs
Week 4: 294.0 -2.0 lbs
Week 5: 291.0 -3.0 lbs
Week 6: 287.9 -3.1 lbs 
Week 7 286.0 -1.9 lbs 
Week 8 284.0 -2.0 lbs 
Week 9 279.0 -5.0 lbs
Week 10 277.0 -2.0 lbs 
Week 11 272.0 -5.0 lbs
Week 12 270.6 -1.4 lbs Current Weight
Total Weight Loss: -33.60 lbs. In 12 weeks

Waist Beginning 50” Ending 43” Difference of -7 inches
Thigh Beginning 26” Ending 27.25 Difference of 1.25 inches (this was a muscle gain)
Hip Beginning 54” Ending 49.5 Difference of -4.5 inches
     It is very hard for me to see these pictures and even harder to share them with  everyone, but my accomplishments are great they really reflect all the work that I have put in to attain my results.
     I have improved so much in the last twelve weeks that I even shock myself with the different things that I can do now. Take a look for yourself. Most of you will remember the my graceful attempt of the atomic push-up. Well make sure that you watch the video that follows this post.
     This challenge maybe coming to and end but it is an experience that will last me for many years to come. I still would like to lose another 50-70 lbs and have all the confidence that I can do it.
     Thank you Gold’s Gym for this opportunity to participate in such an event. Also MetRx for the daily nutritional supplements and lets not for Kinect for Xbox. 
     I would also like to thank the staff and members of the Syracuse, Utah Gold’s Gym for the support and encouragement that they provided during my challenge they were great.

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